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I am getting worse in the evenings. Last night was a bad night. Missy was up most of the night with me. I seem to get very confused when I go to bed and then wake up. This has happened before but now it seems to be a nightly thing. I wake up scared and don’t know anyone. Maybe when I get a little braver I will show you last nights video, but now it is too fresh and sad to me. Missy sang to me, held my hand and talked to me, and reassured me that I was OK, Mike talked to me and told me he would protect me and not let anyone hurt me or take me away. Finally I fell asleep with my whoopie blanket. Today I was sad thinking of all the poor people who wake up in a nursing home afraid, and scared. I cried thinking that could be me, but Missy promised me that I can stay home, I am so happy to be here with her and Mike, safe.

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