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RN Lisa Myers on Safe Ratios in Vegas and RN Susan Dean on Volunteering with Faith In Practice | July 30-31, 2011 | Show 417

Casey and Dan talk with RN Lisa Myers from St. Rose Hospital in Las Vegas. Lisa and thousands of fellow nurses have gone through a protracted negotiation process with their hospitals since the nurses voted unanimously to join National Nurse United over 15 months ago.  At issue? Safe nurse-to-patient ratios.

And Kaiser RN, BSN Susan Dean joins us in the studio.  For the past seven years she’s gone to Guatemala with a team of doctors and nurses from around the U.S. with the organization Faith in Practice ( During a week’s time the team performed over 80 lifesaving medical procedures. Susan is also a volunteer with Operation Access, an organization that provides medical care to the uninsured right here at home in the San Francisco Bay Area (



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