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RN Karen Higgins on the FTT and MD Frederick Southwick Proposes Cure for Healthcare | Nov 19-20, 2011 | Show 428

Massachusetts RN Karen Higgins joins us. Karen is a good friend of ours and she always takes time out of her busy schedule to talk with us. As a matter of fact we want to make it perfectly clear that Karen was on her BREAK when speaking with Dan and Casey. Karen weighed in on the Financial Transaction Tax, a.k.a. the Robin Hood tax that nurses and others all around the world asked the G-20 leaders to adopt. The tax would be .005 on stocks and other financial transactions. The money raised COULD dramatically change and add to funding for healthcare, education, infrastructure and more. Karen is the past president of Massachusettes Nurses Association and is currently one of three co-presidents for National Nurses United.

And we’ll talk with the author of Critically ILL: A 5-Point Plan to Cure Healthcare DeliveryDr. Frederick Southwick, author, teacher, respected researcher and decades-long medical practitioner, is an advocate for change to our country’s current healthcare practices, which cause thousands of hospital deaths and complications each year.

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