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RN Carol Barazi on Saving San Leandro Hospital | National Nurses United Sponsored Segment | May 12, 2012 | Show 446

We also visit with San Leandro Hospital RN Carol Barazi about Sutter Corp’s announcement to close yet another hospital in the Bay Area—this time in San Leandro—which serves the East Bay. Of the 27,000 patients seen in the San Leandro emergency room last year, more than 60 percent came from East Oakland, patients who will now need to drive many miles over crowded freeways for care. In news reports, a registered nurse from Highland Hospital in Oakland, who lives in San Leandro said, “I’m hearing from Sutter that they think it’s okay to close San Leandro, because they can send the patients to Highland. I’m here to tell you that we have a 50-bed ER and we are full.” Again—closure of a hospital that serves the “underserved.”

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