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RN and Professor of Public Health at University of San Francisco, Barbara Sattler

Barbara Sattler talks about the rising rate of occupational asthma specific to nurses. What’s going on? Latex gloves are just one of many causes. This is a three part (short) series.

Study after study has shown that natural rubber latex exposure has been one of the leading causes of occupational asthma, specific to nurses, in the last several years. And in fact it is not just latex that is causing a staggering increase in Asthma cases for nurses and healthcare workers, even patients are at greater risk of asthma while being treated in hospitals. Ironically, many products that are used in hospitals to keep patients, visitors, and personnel safe from pathogens represent some of the very same products that have some potential to cause or exacerbate asthma in susceptible individuals.”

Check out this three part series with RN and University of San Francisco Professor of Public Health, Barbara Sattler.

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