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A Renowned Humorist and Oral Cancer Survivor Shares Her Inspirational Story.

How do you keep going when the doctors give you a two percent chance of survival? For Terri Tate, it was a blend of faith, perseverance, prescription-strength humor—and most of all, a heart that never quit.
“A Crooked Smile”, Terri’s memoir, is the irresistible story of her journey through diagnosis, surgeries, the labyrinth of modern health care, and into surprising new adventures in self-discovery. YOU MUST listen to this podcast with Terri. You will get in touch with gratitude and grace.

Terri Tate is a clinical nurse specialist, teacher, and humorist. Terri was first diagnosed with oral cancer in 1991, and is now a nationally recognized speaker; a consultant and therapist who uses lessons from her own struggle to help support anyone facing life challenges.