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Queen Meg Farewell Tour | Queen Meg Segment | Show 306

Guest: Queen Meg

Nurse Talk : November 3, 2010 : CNA/MNA Segment Queen Meg Farewell TourSunday, October 31, 2010 10:00 AMCount down to election 2010! And Casey and Dan catch up with Queen Meg in her big ol’ bus—traveling up and down the roads of the great state of California. Queen Meg (as many of you know) has a wicked platform that includes abolishing the Department of Education, enforced “vacation” time for citizens…as in “pink slips” (and that’s not the kind you wear), no new taxes (for the wealthy), no capital gains, or weight gains—and no hiring of undocumented workers…PLEEEEEZE!  The polls show Jerry Brown running 10 points ahead of Ms. Whitman, so here’s hoping she gets her campaign “pink slip!”

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