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Public Employees Heroes or Villains? and Veteran Nurse Acts Out | Show 411

Wow…I’m glad we decided not to go Camping last weekend! As in Harold Camping…the genius who predicted or calculated it was Judgment Day. Something went terribly wrong. Thank God! Mr. Camping now says he might have been one number off in his calculations. I had no idea Judgment Day was a calculation! If there’s anybody out there that remembers Professor Irwin Corey…I think we found his brother!

This week Casey and Dan open the interview archives and share a very recent segment featuring RN Dennis Kosuth. We spoke to Dennis a few weeks ago about the vilification of public sector workers in recent months. Remember not too long ago school teachers, fire fighters, police and nurses were considered heroes. Now these professionals are being blamed for financial failures at the state and national levels. Listen as Dennis shares with us what is happening in his hospital and others around the county because of these financial and professional attacks. It is indeed an issue that has or will impact us all. The assault on the middle class is alive and well.

And later in the show RN Alison Whittaker joins Casey and Dan. Alison has been a nurse for over 20 years and currently lives and works in the Bay Area. She has written and performs her one-woman play called Vital Signs.

The play is a gutsy, truthful, painfully funny account of nursing—particularly in a hospital setting. Alison plays 20 characters including co-workers, patients, family members, etc. Casey, Dan and Alison have great fun talking about Vital Signs and all the funny things that happen when you are a nurse. Alison appears inVital Signs on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 7:30 pm at The Marsh San Francisco. For tickets call 415-282-3055.

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Remember “laughter is the best medicine.”

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