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CNA/NNOC Conference and Life for African Women Foundation | Show 205

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Casey recently attended the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee Conference in San Francisco where the new RN “Super Union” was endorsed. She visited with RN’s from all over the U.S., and other countries.

Casey shares a conversation she had with Angela Gorman, an RN from Wales who started a foundation to save the lives of Sub-Saharan African women dying after giving birth. Angela talks about how and why she started the foundation that now supplies medication costing less than 50 cents per dose, but was simply not available until her vow to make it happen.

She also shares why she’s shocked at American’s resistance to universal health care, and her views about why U.S. health care and the lack of support for nurses is “missing the mark.”

To learn more about the conference and the new RN “Super Union” visit, learn about “Give Blood…Get Smart,” the Blood Centers of the Pacific blood drive. Give Blood and enter to win a Smart Car…This is great! We’re there! 888.393.GIVE.Maggie is still on location modeling for “Sassy Seniors” magazine, but we have a great show in store for you including the answer to last week’s Phobia of the Week: Ablutophobia. Sure, you could Google it, but itwouldn’t be as much fun as hearing the answer from Casey.

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