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Kim Kutcher Fights Blue Cross | Show 209

On the show this week, Casey interviews RN Kim Kutcher. Kim lives and works in Orange County and has been fighting her insurance company, Blue Cross, for 2 years. She needs back surgery to correct a critical injury (most likely work-related) and has been denied time after time by her insurance company. This unfortunately is an all too common story.
In the studio with us will be RN Helen Greenspan. Helen wrote a great story about her workplace evaluation. It’s funny and alarming at the same time. RN’s compared to cars? Tune in and find out.Don’t forget to leave your questions on the hotline for Marsha Podd–the Baby Whisperer–coming up on the October 25th show! 1.800.977.1863 or email REMEMBER ….laughter is the best medicine!

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