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Obamacare Myth-ectomy and Technology Without Common Sense.


It’s coming! Congress tried to stop it thirty-seven times! The Affordable Care Act is on track and headed for the station and you need to know the FACTS.

Is it good? Is it bad? Will Grandma meet her demise in front of a “death panel?” Will it bankrupt the country? Is it just another give away? Is it universal healthcare? Will insurance rates be lower? Will doctors and nurses be laid off? Will it throw our healthcare system into chaos? Should we get in line for our microchip implants?

Tune in as Shayne and Casey perform a “myth-ectomy” on at least one of these questions.



Technology Without Common Sense?

RNs DeAnn McEwen and Michelle Mahon tell it like it is. EMR, or Electronic Medical Records systems, are rolling out “live” in hospitals across the country. BUT WAIT! Were nurses at the table when these systems where designed and implemented? Did these hospitals insure the safety of each patient by making sure nurses were trained and staffing was adequate? Unfortunately, the answer to all of these questions is NO. Now understand, we are not against EMRs we simply do not think it is in the patients’ best interest to throw the baby out with the bathwater, i.e. human input and oversight!


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