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Nurses Support Workers and Too Many Misdiagnoses

Deb Nault
Deb Nault

We’ve got a visit with Deb Nault, RN, MS. Deb has more than 35 years of experience in women’s health care, including working as a certified nurse midwife in Michigan hospitals and as an adjunct faculty member at Michigan State University’s College of Nursing. She is currently director of nursing practice at the Michigan Nurses Association, the largest union for registered nurses in Michigan.

As is the case across the country—the stakes are high in Michigan this election cycle. Due to current Governor Rick Snyder’s slash and burn measures, working people in the state are standing up in support of Prop 2, an initiative that guarantees public and private workers the right to form unions and bargain collectively. Governor Snyder, like his conservative counterpart, Scott Walker in Wisconsin, continues to cut spending on the backs of the working middle class. That’s why the mighty Michigan Nurses Association has come out in support of Prop 2. For more information visit

Evan Falchuk
Evan Falchuk of Best Doctors

What goes through your mind when you hear the word misdiagnosis? Nostalgia about when you won the Miss Iowa contest? Burt Parks? No?

Despite extensive new technologies, millions of patients worldwide are being treated for the wrong conditions. No laughing matter. Misdiagnoses mean needless suffering and hundreds of millions of dollars wasted each year. Enter Evan Falchuk, an attorney and Vice Chairman of Best Doctors, a company dedicated to achieving direct and immediate improvements in the quality and cost of healthcare.

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