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NurseFail: Incident Reports from the Trenches | Gluing Yourself Into an Ostomy Bag

What is a NurseFail?  It’s a mistake. It’s a mess up.  Sometimes it’s a desperate attempt at perfection. Other times it is an accident.  Basically it’s a sad moment in nursing.  It’s a point in time where you have failed your patient, your hospital, your coworkers, your family, and your country, but managed to provide entertainment to the rest of the world.




Ostomys can be a little tricky sometimes, that’s why I usually get someone to help me hold stuff down.  It was busy today & I couldn’t find anyone to help, so I just did it myself.  When I was all done gluing it on, I went to turn around & I didn’t seem to be moving?  I was stuck on something?  I looked down and saw the draw string to my jacket through the plastic ostomy bag, slowly being covering in ostomy juice, because I had obviously glued it in there.  A minor detail.

REAL FAIL: Gluing Yourself Into An Ostomy Bag

Looks like this mistake came with a souvenir?


Oh the old glued yourself into something dilemma.  Gloves, wrappers, old dressings, scissors, I’m sure it has all been done at some point.  I guess at least you had no choice but to notice this problem?  Good thing this wasn’t brain surgery.

Disclaimer: This piece of medical fiction is property of  This is a fictional work of the imagination of a sick individual, with the goal of making me laugh….And well?  You too.  This is in no way related to reality, think of it instead as a stretching of possibility.


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