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Nurse Talk Short | A Nurse Diagnosed with Breast Cancer


Michelle Camicia, Kaiser RN has lived almost all of her 46 years in Marin County, California. She attended nursing school at San Francisco State University and earned her Master’s in Nursing from Sonoma State University. Her life was moving along according to plan – but then in May of 2012 she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Says Michelle about how the diagnosis affected her own nursing, “It really reinforces the need to have compassion. When I look in the patient’s eyes and see their fears differently or more than I used to be able to. And the care that I received also really reinforced what components of being a nurse are so important; excellent clinical skills, technical skills and knowledge but also that ability to connect with people and care about people and be positive.”

Casey and Shayne talk with Michelle and Dr. Marla Anderson, Chief of the Department of General Surgery at Kaiser Permanente San Rafael, about Michelle’s personal experience since being diagnosed.

You can listen to the whole show here.

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