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Nurse Talk Short | A Win for Chicago Patients and Nurses

A little about iTriage, an amazing resource for everyone that you can access online or download the app to your smartphone or tablet. Have a symptom? Go to iTriage Symptom Checker, need information about a disease? You’ll find complete clinical descriptions from A to Z.

National Nurses United Jackson Park nurses in Chicago recently won their first ever collective bargaining contract that includes significant improvements in patient care protections. RN Monica Lloyd is here to speak with us. “The people we take care of are poor or middle class. Some have insurance, some do not, but I still believe they deserve the best care possible…Our patient ratios were 8 to 1, 9 to 1…It’s hard for us to take care of our patients when we are already overloaded.”

Casey agrees, “When nurses are treated better, patients get treated better.”  Monica’s advice to other nurses around the country: “You’ve got to stop saying ‘It won’t change.’ You’ve got to make the change.

And…health trivia…this week’s question and last week’s answer. Don’t miss it.

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