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Nurse Talk Exclusive with Sharon Waite and Melanie Thompson

Nurse Talk Exclusive  with RN and Host Casey Hobbs, Sutter Modesto Memorial Medical Center RN’s Sharon Waite and Melanie Thompson.

Sharon Waite
Sharon Waite

“There comes a time when you have two choices, to do something or nothing–we choose to do something”,RN Sharon Waite.

On June 26 & 27th Sutter Modesto Memorial Medical Center RN’s will cast their votes for or against joining California Nurses Association. It takes courage to fight for what you think is right. This has been a two year battle for the nurses against a very powerful hospital corporation. If you listen to Melanie and Sharon, you will hear two very sensible, passionate, compassionate nurses who want whats best for their patients, their fellow nurses and their community.


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