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NNU: Let’s stop pretending it was a government takeover of healthcare

Our pal Deborah Burger, RN, is co-president of National Nurses United, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing union and professional association of RNs, with 160,000 members around the country. Healthcare reform? She’s written a great piece about what we need to do now.”It’s time to move on. Let’s end the fiction that the current law was a government takeover. Let’s stop replaying the fruitless debate of the past two years over the false issues the right loves to exploit.And let’s find ways to address the continuing health problems plaguing so many by working instead:To really reign in skyrocketing costs, that are primarily driven by the very same profiteering private companies whose executives are being paid so much, and guarantee healthcare for all Americans, best done by expanding the most cost effective, real universal program — it’s called Medicare — to cover everyone.”Get fired up (again). READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE at National Nurses United.

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