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Naughty Politician Lane, Fair Taxes plus Karyn on AIDS and Wilda on Alzheimer’s | Show 413

Rep. Anthony WeinerWhat up with male politicians?? Twitter, Facebook, bathroom stalls, mountain trails, pay-offs borrowed from Mom and Dad!! Yikes can anyone imagine a female in high office getting away with any of this? Barbara Boxer tweeting bra-less photos of herself to a 21-year-old guy?? Join Casey and Dan for a walk down “naughty politician lane.”

And more discussion about the role nurses are playing in leading the voice of opposition to cuts in Medicare and Social Security and fighting for taxation on wall street transactions. Listen, we are not talking about about persecuting those who do business on Wall Street—we are simply calling for a fair transaction tax in the amount of a half a penny per. Our D.C. friend and expert on all things Capitol Hill, RN Donna Smith is with us to make sense out of the sometimes senseless.

Later in the show Casey and Dan talk with RN, MSN, humorist Karyn Buxman. Karyn reminds us that in July we acknowledge the 30-year anniversary of the first diagnosed case of AIDS. Karyn shares about the fear, lack of understanding, treatment and protocol in hospitals, and shame surrounding the patients. We’ve come along way—but where are we now?

We welcome an old friend to the studio, RN Wilda Ruthier. Wilda is traveling around the country with her partner Bonnie in their RV–doing anything they please! They stopped by to visit and we literally dragged Wilda into the studio and made her speak. Sad–but we did. Years ago Wilda started the first of its kind, Alzheimer’s assisted living facility in Burlington, Vermont. This was before anyone really knew what it was. She and her staff worked on treatment protocols that are still used in facilities around the country. Congratulations to her innovation and years of care and service to others.

A big salute to all of our RN friends from the Massachusetts Nurses Association!

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