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Ms. Swan. Hit by a car. Nurse Hero. Network of Care.

As part of their tribute to wasting time, Casey and Shayne tell stories about their childhood. Although not particularly newsworthy or medically related, they are none-the-less rather funny. Casey shares about the time she was hit by a car (not hurt) and ran home and tried to hide it from her mother. Unfortunately, the gentleman that hit her found her phone number in one of the school books she dropped while fleeing the scene. Find out what happened when Casey’s mother finds out.
Photo by Michael Lehet.

And Shayne…well growing up as an only child in rural Oklahoma was not exactly eventful. He shares about the time he made Jello salad with his mom.

betty sparksGood show this week! RN Betty Sparks  joins us. Betty is a nurse at Newton Wellesley Hospital and is trained to provide care and treatment in the wake of all types of disasters.

Betty, who was on the ground to help victims after Hurricane Katrina and in Haiti after the devastating earthquake, was working at the medical tent at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. She was there to respond and care for the victims when the bombs exploded. She is trained to do this and she has seen horrific scenes before, but this time it was different; she knew her son was at the finish line with a camera getting ready to photograph her daughter-in-law as she finished the race. Betty is with us to share what it was like to be at the horrific scene.

We always love it when we are introduced or we discover great resources to share with our listeners. Well today we have Bruce Bronzan with us. Bruce is the co-founder and president of The Network of Care. He served as a member of the California State Legislature for 10 years where he was the chairman of the Health Committee and the Select Committee on Mental Health.

Trilogy Integrated Services, the company that developed the Network of Care, is dedicated to improving information and communication in the health and social service fields at the community level. Check it out!

And don’t miss this weeks edition of Fit Happens as our health and fitness expert Joanie Greggains  debunks 10 common fitness myths and Casey and Shayne answer email questions.

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