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More on the Robin Hood Tax and Hal Isen on Compassion Without the Black Hole

I’m sure our listeners have heard us talk about the Robin Hood Tax—a small change for banks—a big change for people. This idea is global not local. A small transaction fee on the banks would raise billions to provide education, healthcare parity, infrastructure, and yes, even care for our fragile planet. What was once a movement—is now legislation—thanks to Minnesota Representative –Keith Ellison. We’ll have our friend RN Jean Ross from the state of Minnesota tell us why this is so important. The UK-based (they named it) worldwide campaign for the Robin Hood tax was launched on 10 February 10, 2010 and is run by a coalition of over 50 charities and organizations, including Christian Aid, Comic Relief and UNICEF.

And we welcome back Hal Isen, the creator of Core Wisdom. What nourishes your spirit and empowers you to live each day with wisdom, vitality and joy? What enables you to fulfill the dreams you have for yourself, your family, and your workplace? How do you unleash your creativity and your power to take effective action? We’ll be talking with Hal about one aspect of that equation called “being present.” What does that mean? Hope you can take some time to listen because this is an engaging conversation that can help nurses express compassion without going into an emotional black hole. Hal will be part of the new Nurse Talk interactive online chat series starting in November.

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