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Michgan RN Jeff Breslin on Right to What? and Must Read: Medical Tips from the Inside

Jeff Breslin

While the nation was watching Honey Boo Boo, the Governor of Michigan was pushing through a radical bill during a lame duck session. Governor Rick Snyder just signed the “right to work” law in the state of Michigan. A state that was built on the strength of labor unions. The state that worked with those unions and corporations to build a strong middle class. Later we’ll have more on this sad day from Michigan RN and President of the Michigan Nurses Association, Jeff Breslin.

Medical Tips from the Inside
Authors Corine Mogenis, and Patti Raya join us with their must-read book.

And…don’t you think most people would like to be more involved and educated about medical decisions that affect them and their loved ones? We’re talking about empowerment here. Later we’ll visit with Corine Mogenis, a medical malpractice paralegal, and RN and legal nurse consultant Patti Raya, the authors of a great book called Medical Tips From The Inside, Things You Need to Know. One reader says, “This is a must have book…you can learn so much from reading this book and how we’ve all been left in the dark. It’s a great gift for parents and in-laws that still think of doctors as GOD [wake up] ! Pick one up for yourself and others – they will be so grateful!”

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