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Laryngospasm. 5-Star Hospital. Pain Intolerance. Show 456

The Laryngospasms sing “Breathe.”  Check it out on Nurse Talk coming up this Saturday @ 11am on 960 KNEW AM and Revolution Boston 1510 AM or

And…Casey and Shayne take us on a walk down “Pain Lane.” HOW BAD IS YOUR PAIN? A new pain scale chart that starts at 0 with:

“Hi, I am not experiencing any pain at all. I don’t even know why I’m here.”

and ends with 11:

“Blood is going to explode out of my face at any moment.”

What a range! Lots in between too.

And…if you think the conversation about universal healthcare is for those who don’t work and want a handout…please watch this. It is not an isolated incident. It shouldn’t be about political parties or profits–it should simply be a matter of humanity.

And RN Jane Sandoval from San Francisco’s St. Luke’s Hospital joins us to talk about the proposed new 555-bed mega hospital that Sutter Healthcare Corp wants to build. Sounds nice doesn’t it? It is if you don’t know the move to consolidate services and locate a hospital so far away from the communities that need it the most. The new hospital would force closure of St. Luke’s, the City’s mainstay for medical services for lower income populations.

AND—square dancing gets impossible when your heel is killing you. A caller is forced off the square dancing floor because of severe pain in her heel. Casey and Shayne tell her there is hope…Do Sa Do and Allemande Left.

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