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iTriage on!

We recently found the coolest app we’ve ever seen or heard about! We all know what triage means, Nurse Talk brings you iTriage. iTriage was founded in 2008 by two emergency medicine physicians to empower people to make better healthcare decisions, and improve healthcare delivery. You can now use the online tool all over the world on the web or on your smart phone to enter symptoms or diseases and get recommendations for treatment and locate the nearest treatment center. You can even find out what the wait times are in emergency situations. It is so user-friendly—even Pattie can use it!

iTriage is simply the best, most comprehensive medical mobile app around. It is so user-friendly and thorough we are recommending it to all of our Nurse Talk listeners and callers. iTriage truly opens a window to wellness for millions and the best part…it goes where you go! Paris, London, New York, Pocatello and beyond.”

Casey Hobbs and Shayne Mason
RN Co-Hosts for Nurse Talk Radio, where laughter is the best medicine.

Mom and I have been trying out the iTriage…it is absolutely great. I showed mom how to use it and now I think I have produced a monster. This is so easy to use. I showed mom once and even being 89 with early Alzheimer’s, she was quick to learn the easily labelled applications. She has been checking it out now for the past 20 minutes. It is so nice to have all the information in one place. You can look up everything. She loved looking up her symptoms, and then the medications..she loved the doctor and pharmacy information…this is just a great great idea. I don’t know how we lived without it.”

Melissa Vaughan
Retired LPN, Nurse Talk blog contributor, daughter and caregiver to Barbara Taylor Vaughan author of the Nurse Talk column, Alzheimer’s in the First Person.

iTriage is amazing! I especially loved the alt. mental status, because of the breakdown given for the typical reasons that alt. mental status occur. The symptoms listed were right on! The interventions typical for each complaint are what I see in the ER. I find this tool to be very helpful!

RN Bobbi McCarthy
ER Nurse and Nurse Talk blog contributor of Love Your Nursing Life

You can use the tool at and download the free iTriage mobile app for your iPhone and Android devices. Try it!

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