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In Case of Accident, Giggle

Photo: Elvis Santana
Photo: Elvis Santana

Ha Ha. Missy took me to the doctor today. On the way home I told her I had to go to the bathroom. I wear my adult pretty protective undies when we go somewhere, just in case of an accident, which proudly I can say hardly ever has happened. Today Missy was speeding a little too fast to get home and a nice police sheriff stopped us. He told Missy she was speeding. She told him yes she was, showed her license and such.

He was getting ready to give her a ticket and he said hello to me, I asked him if he had a grandmother. He laughed and said yes. I asked him if he ever took her out and and had to rush home because she was going to have an accident. He giggled and said, “Well, no.” And then he tipped his hat and said, “Ladies have a nice day. I hope you make it home soon enough.” I told him “Sorry buddy, too late.” He just laughed as we drove away. Ha ha…sometimes you just have to go with the flow…ha ha.

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