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Hipwrecked. Scripting and Rounding. Baking Soda.

Welcome to Nurse Talk where laughter is the best medicine! This week on our lovely “sheeew”—we talk about a customer service practice that is now being used in the healthcare field. It’s called scripting and rounding. In the corporate world scripting and rounding has been part of the customer service model for giants like Disney, major fast food chains and many five star hotels. Now—healthcare? Could this lead to the question, “Mrs. Smith would you like fries with your medication?” Or how about—“Here’s the key to the mini-bar and if you prefer you can go to the nurses station for your ice and extra towels.” What’s scripting and rounding all about? RN DeAnn McEwen gives us a “spirited” overview!

Stay tuned for this story—you won’t want to miss Phyllis Katz. Like any skilled improviser, when longtime performer and director with the famed Groundlings comedy troupe was faced with her insurance company being unwilling to pay six figures to fix her two hips, she improvised. Good-bye, Los Angeles. Hello New Delhi. Phyllis is here to talk with us about her wonderful new book Hipwrecked, My Health Insurance Sucked so I Went to India for Surgery.

A proud member of the middle class, in this wild story of courage and humor in the face of culture shock, she chronicles her sudden, improbable trip to India for medical treatment. Hipwrecked is an adventure (told partly through e-mails while highly medicated) born of the unfortunate yet laughable inadequacies of modern medical insurance—and a celebration of the joyful strength of the human spirit.

Baking Soda

And if you haven’t heard the our new segment “In My Day” with comedian Lynn Ruth Miller--you need to. This week Lynn Ruth talks about a favorite all-purpose remedy her mother used: baking soda. Told only as Lynn Ruth could—it definitely harkens memories from the old days!

Nurse Talk is searching for the perfect co-host. That’s right—Dan is retiring, but will be with us for special segments. In the meantime Casey needs a great sidekick. Looking for a nurse with great communication skills, a sense of humor a must, and a willingness to commit to our ever-growing show. For more information send an email to Please include a statement about why you are interested and attach a resume.

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