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Healthy Palooza. Sea of Red Scrubs. Adult Play. Oh Mama!

Welcome to Nurse Talk, where laughter is the best medicine and random acts of unconsciousness can (and do) occur. This week, live from our studio atop the beautiful U-Haul storage warehouses in Corte Madera CA, we gather to take Casey and Shayne’s blood pressure as well as talk to Dr. Elson Haas, the Founder of the Preventive Medical Center of Marin, and Sandra Evans, the organizer of the 1st Annual Marin Healthy Palooza. If you are in or around the San Francisco Bay Area on Saturday May 11th, you must stop by and visit this unique health fair. All the info is on our website or you can visit

Marin Healthy Palooza

And we always joke about our nurses at National Nurses United and how busy they are. Even though we do like to have fun with that, its true! RN and Co-President of National Nurses United Jean Ross will be with us to talk about H.R. 6411, the Inclusive Prosperity Act (aka the Robin Hood Tax). I swear these people never sleep—but that would be wrong because they are nurses and they know the value of a good night’s rest. That said, this week we find over a thousand of our friends, aka the “Sea of Red Scrubs,” on Capitol Hill this week at a rally to support Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison as he reintroduces the Inclusive Prosperity Act.

Rep. Keith Ellison and Jean Ross

You’ve heard us beating this drum for at least 18 months…The Robin Hood Tax makes so much sense it is hard to argue against it. But game on, as there are corporate interests (i.e. Wall Street) who have bought some “blinders” to help our elected officials to ignore it. Here’s how simple it is: a small tax (less than half of 1%) on speed trades—you know the million-trades-per-minute trades—could raise billions for healthcare, education, and infrastructure. It’s not hard, it works, eleven of the European Union Countries have adopted it, the U.S. used to have a transaction tax – and it worked – and lastly, before I have to take a breath, check out the facts at

EVEN if you side with your Republican or Democratic people—this simply makes sense. Why are the nurses fighting for this? Because they see the ravages of our protracted economic slump every day in hospitals across the country.

Image of Marcia from her web site,
Marcia Singer

Ever hear about “adult play?” NOT THAT KIND! Well, Marcia Singer the creator of Love Arts Foundation is here to tell us what adult play really is. The self-described shaman, or medicine woman, is both a healer and creative artist.

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And remember, laughter is the best medicine.

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