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Our blog has something for everyone. From healthcare to human-interest stories and from the hospital bedside to the halls of congress—we have it covered. AND did you know workplace bullying was bad for your health? Meet a courageous nurse and oral cancer survivor that understands the power of humor and grace. What are “nurse patient ratios” and why are they so important? All this and more…

Nurse Talk Is Coming Back To Radio

Good morning everyone. It is with great pleasure we announce the return of Nurse Talk to the radio. We will be back on San Francisco Bay Area’s Green 960 AM in Mid August. In the meantime watch for some new features on the NT site. […]

On The Show 04.12.08

Back By Popular Demand The “Baby Whisperer”MOTHERS DROP EVERYTHING—AGAIN, well, not everything—because you won’t want to miss the opportunity to listen and ask questions. JOINING US THIS WEEK is Marsha Podd, R.N., an OB/GYN nurse, and Certified Lactation Expert with a degree in Child Development. […]

On The Show 4.05.08

GREETINGS! What kind of promoters would we be if we didn’t start out with “WE HAVE A GREAT SHOW IN STORE FOR YOU SO DON’ T MISS IT.” IT’S true…we do have a—let’s say—FABULOUS—show coming up.Joining us this week is Lynn Ruth Miller, comedian, author, […]

On The Show 3.29.08

COMING UP on NurseTalk this week our friend MARILYN KENTZ. Some of you (we sure do) might remember Marilyn from her hit 90’s TV show The Mommies. She and her next door neighbor, Caryl, put together a little comedy stage show advertising it as “A […]

On The Show 3.22.08

WE HAVE A SPICY, OUTSPOKEN RN JOINING US (NOT CASEY) THIS WEEK. Her name is Adrienne Zurub and she has written what is being described as a “provocative” book about the nursing profession. The book is called Notes From The Mothership. They say nursing has […]