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Our blog has something for everyone. From healthcare to human-interest stories and from the hospital bedside to the halls of congress—we have it covered. AND did you know workplace bullying was bad for your health? Meet a courageous nurse and oral cancer survivor that understands the power of humor and grace. What are “nurse patient ratios” and why are they so important? All this and more…

Coming Up on Nurse Talk | Menopause and Swine Flu

While Maggie goes grocery shopping…Casey interviews Jeanie Linders writer/producer of the smash hit, Menopause the Musical. Also, a critical discussion with RN Jan Rodolfo about the critical gaps in H1N1 preparednesss and growing RN infections–you won’t want to miss this.

Bed Bath

Casey tells the story about one of her first bed bath experiences, which ends in hilarity.


Casey and Maggie reminisce about the old days, family and memories.


Casey suggests a helpful technique for pain management.


Casey describes her experience in the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco.