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RN Linda Carter on Nurse Patient Ratios | Show 303

Casey and Dan continue the discussion about California gubernatorial investor—oh sorry—candidate, Meg Whitman and the legendary country singer Slim Whitman. The facts are in and they are indeed sixth cousins.When reached for comment Whitman (Slim) had this to say, “Pray for me. I’ve tried to keep this a secret for many years. I’m just glad I’m 89 and off the circuit. If not, this news would have killed my career.” Ms. Whitman could not be reached for comment.AND ON TO something of greater importance. This week we visit with RN Linda Carter. Linda works in Augusta, Georgia for the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center. It seems the hospital has an 8 million dollar shortfall so they are not replacing much needed RN positions and increasing work hours for the RN staff.

This formula is unfortunately, the “practice” in many hospitals around the country. Without mandated safe nurse patient ratios, this practice will not only continue where its already been implemented, but other medical centers will follow. This cannot happen! Recent studies have shown what nurses have already known–that nurse patient ratios save lives. Listen to Linda–its a great conversation.And of course we feel like a little laughter so Casey and Dan do “Is Anybody Out There Laughing?” Find out—some people are—and some people aren’t.Guess the Phobia of the Week and hang with us while we read some email questions and hear some phone calls. Plus, a call from an old (and we mean old) friend.You can listen…to Nurse Talk in the Boston area on station WWZN 1510AM every Saturday at 11 am EST or live stream at and in the San Francisco Bay area Sundays at 2PM PST on Green 960AM or live stream at

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Until next time remember “laughter is the best medicine!”

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