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Good Ol’ Days and Stress vs. Salt | Show 226

Houston, we have a wonderful addition to Nurse Talk. As some of you may know our Maggie McDermott has limited her role with Nurse Talk but still remains a part of our show. We have been searching for months for a perfect fit to co-host the show with Casey and we found him! Welcome Dan Grady, a hospice nurse and a very funny and talented guy too. Maggie helped us crown Dan as the new resident four leaf clover. Casey and Dan have great chemistry and we never know when he will break into his best Edith Bunker, Ted Baxter, or Elvis voice.

Sandra Falwell, NP
Sandra Falwell, NP

This week we welcome D.C. based nurse practitioner and activist Sandra Falwell. This is a great conversation, as Sandra has been in the profession for 40 years and shares some AMAZING stories about the “good ol days” or not so “good ol days” when she was once asked to give up her chair for a doctor. This was after a 14 hour shift, 27 patients and 4 codes. Tune-in for her answer to his question aka…DEMAND.

Neica Goldberg, MD
Nieca Goldberg, MD

DR NIECA GOLDBERG IS with us for Women’s Heart Health Month. She poses the question: Is STRESS KILLING US OR IS IT SALT? Dr. Goldberg has written the Complete Guide To Women’s Health and has agreed to be Nurse Talk’s resident Heart Health Specialist.AND check out “Flip Flops For Haiti” at Kim Whitehurst, President of the Jeanie C. Linders Fund tells us about this great and simple way to help.

Steve Curtain from Nurse Together will check in with us. Nurse Together is a hot site for RNs, a “virtual lounge” if you will. It is one of the most comprehensive and resourceful sites we have seen. For more information go to

On our February 28th show we will talk with three RNs just back from Haiti. These nurses are part of an effort ( sponsored by the RN Response Network and National Nurses United. Please join us for this exclusive interview.Donations are still needed for Send A Nurse and 100% of the proceeds go to travel and supplies for the nurses to treat the Haitian people. Go to or www.NationalNursesUnited.orgYou can hear us in the San Francisco Bay Area every Sunday at 2PM on Green 960 AM or live streaming at Nurse Talk is also available on demand on Energy Talk Radio at Podcasts of the CNA segments are linked at or

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