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RN Karen Higgins on What’s Up in DC and RN Karyn Buxman, Speaker. Author.”Freakin’Funny” | Show 310

“Oh my there is so much happening in the news these days Dan,” says Casey. Dan responds with “lets see if we can RAP IT ALL UP Casey.” Well, you have to check it out..they do indeed RAP IT UP.

Obamacare, don’t you dare,touch my junk, its not fair,pat downs, radiation,don’t ask…don’t tell,debt panels, medicare,social security go to hell,unemployment, that’s OKbut don’t take my tax cuts away,people, people where does it go?the republicans got it…JUST SAY NO!

But, on to the real stuff. Casey and Dan have a great conversation with our friend RN Karen Higgins about the recommendations that came from the President’s Debt Reduction Panel. What Karen has to say is shocking, at the very least, and should make all of us stand up and take note. We are NOT in the business of spreading fear but we do want to shine the light on the continued assaults on the working class in our country. If you are a nurse—can you imagine working in the ICU or any other department in a hospital when you are 69 or 70? Think of what it takes to get through your shift now—when you are still physically strong—add a few years and who’s lifting who?

Brace yourselves! Karyn Buxman is in the house. Karyn is an RN, MSN, and publisher of the Journal of Nursing Jocularity, a humor magazine for RNs. She is also the current president of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor conference. If you are allergic to laughter…don’t say we didn’t warn you!Coming up in the next several weeks all new interviews, a new segment by our friend and funny lady Lynn Ruth Miller and of course we continue to thank you our listeners and supporters. Have a very happy holiday season!

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