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Rewind Kathy Carder and Dr. Nieca Goldberg | Show 244BO

Encore, Encore! For this week’s show we are rewinding a show originally broadcast in August because it was so “moving”…There’s a whole lotta shakin’ going on! Casey and Dan talk to RN Kathy Carder about earthquake safety (or the lack thereof) in hospitals. Kathy resides in Venice, California and is a nursing practice representative for Cal Nurses. She explains that there are literally hundreds of California hospitals that were built in the 1950s (and some before that) that are at extreme risk when another large earthquake hits. NOW, PLEASE DO NOT PUT OFF THOSE SCHEDULED SURGERIES BECAUSE YOU ARE NOW MORE AFRAID OF AN EARTHQUAKE WHILE YOU ARE IN THE HOSPITAL…do listen to what Kathy has to say and then take action by calling your local representatives to help hospitals see the light.Dr. Nieca Goldberg at the Nurse Talk BookstoreAND she’s back! Our friend Dr. Nieca Goldberg, the author of the best selling book, The Complete Guide To Women’s Health. The good doctor has some great advice on what you should do before taking you vacation. YES—we’re talking to you. Dr. Goldberg says you would be shocked to find out how people suffer from a lapse of common sense prior to and during their vacations when it comes to their health and well being. Check it out it’s really good advice as you embark on holiday trips.

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