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Queen Meg’s Farewell Tour and Ellen Kagan | Show 306

Hey Macarena, Macarena, Macarena…well this very tune causes a big disruption in the studio this week and our hosts are not amused…you might not be either…Coming Up…Count down to election 2010! And Casey and Dan catch up with Queen Meg in her big ol’ bus—traveling up and down the roads of the great state of California. Queen Meg (as many of you know) has a wicked platform that includes abolishing the Department of Education, enforced “vacation” time for citizens…as in “pink slips” (and that’s not the kind you wear), no new taxes (for the wealthy), no capital gains, or weight gains—and no hiring of undocumented workers…PLEEEEEZE!The polls show Jerry Brown running 10 points ahead of Ms. Whitman, so here’s hoping she gets her campaign “pink slip!”Then, Casey and Dan have some fun with guest Ellen Kagan. Ellen, who lives in beautiful Cape Cod, is a woman of many talents, including her latest endeavor, Ellen In Medicaland, a book that she is just finishing up. The book and blog,, are great reads and tell the story of an unbelievable trail of medical mishaps.

Ellen Kagan author of Ellen in Medicaland

Ellen herself was once improperly diagnosed with terminal cancer. The diagnosis came from a very high profile teaching hospital that she names. Her advice to everyone who gets ill and counts on their medical professionals to properly treat you…”make sure you have an advocate with you, make sure you get second opinions, make sure you ask questions and get answers.” Please understand she is not bashing the medical profession—she is simply giving an account of what happened to her and uses it as a word of caution to others.AND coming up in the next few weeks, our wiz kid Cameron Harris with his podcast series, In Range, tips on how to live a healthy life with Type 1 diabetes, a heartbreaking conversation about gay teen suicide and how families can find help, National Nurses United growing and fighting for patient safety across the country and much more…Don’t forget you can listen in the Boston area on station WWZN 1510AM every Saturday at 11 am EST or live stream at and in the San Francisco Bay area Sundays at 2PM PST on Green 960AM or live stream big thank you to CNA, NNU and MNA for their support of Nurse Talk.You can also download and listen anytime at and or on iTunes.Until next time remember “laughter is the best medicine!”


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