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Keeping the Promise | Show 317

But first a little housekeeping. Some of you may have noticed that from time to time you can’t find us in our usual slot on Green 960 AM San Francisco. Well it’s only temporary. Seems that basketball is more popular than little old Nurse Talk. How can this be? Is it that much fun to listen to a basketball game on the radio? Not getting it. BUT never fear you can always listen to the live stream online at, even when we are not on the air. You can listen to the show by going to our or iTunes too. So glad there are no basketball fans in Boston!We have a great show in store for you this week. Twirling babies, suntan beds in Russian prisons and quite literally a “train-wreck” start us off.

But lets get serious. In our ongoing series featuring topics from National Nurse Magazine, Casey and Dan talk with Nurse Practitioner Lauri Hoagland. Lauri is a Family Nurse Practitioner and Quality Liaison at Kaiser Napa, and serves on the California Nurses Association Board of Directors. Lauri talks about National Nurses United’s RNRN, the Registered Nurse Response Network and a program called Continuing Promise. Lauri was was deployed in Costa Rica through the program and with other nurses provided care to hundreds of patients a day. We could all use some good news and this program falls into that category.

Appearing in December’s National Nurse magazine, Brooke Casipit, Mandi Howard, Lauri Hoagland, and Tara Rynders share a rare moment of rest on board; the U.S.S. Iwo Jima, where RNRN volunteers lived and worked.
Lynn Ruth Miller

And grab your ear muffs…our friend and comedian Lynn Ruth Miller is in the house. We never know what Lynn Ruth is going to talk about and we never know how to get her back to Earth once she starts. Always funny and definitely inspirational.Square Needle, Phobia, email questions and some things in between.Do you know the difference between a viral and bacterial infection? Find out. Sounds easy doesn’t it? It may be, and it may not…

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