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Coming Up on The Show: Judith Stark Frost and RN Rita Batchley | Show 307

News Flash! Meg Whitman is selling her campaign bus on ebay!! Well, after $160 million plus to her campaign, Meg has retired to her Atherton home to lick her wounds. She can’t call a nurse cause she—well—lets just say she made some enemies along the way. Never one to let grass grow under her feet we  heard she just listed her campaign bus, 1,062 office chairs, 890 desks, a fleet of telephones, 1,600 computers and a variety of two-piece women’s pant suits—all on ebay. Clearance sales can be a bite!

On to the show…this week Casey and Dan talk with a delightful woman named Judith Stark Frost. Judith was a second grade school teacher for over 30 years. She loved teaching her kids how to read but even more than that she loved the humorous things they said. She wrote a very funny book called Priceless Proverbs From the Tongue of the Young. How about these: “A penny saved is…not much” and  “He who marries for money…better be nice to his wife.” We all know how funny kids can be without even knowing it!

And later in the show RN Rita Batchleytalks about her career as a labor and delivery nurse in a southern California public sector hospital. Rita has also written a book called Labor Pains, an inspirational book for all nurses about authentic power and finding your true purpose. A very interesting perspective on connecting with your “inner nurse,” health care reform and social change.And of course all the tricks…some funny…some….well, questionable. A big shout out to all of our listeners, without you nothing happens.

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