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Inspiration and Perspiration | Show 307BO

Here comes…THE BABY WHISPERER, RN Marsha Podd! She is taking your questions to answer on the show taping this weekend to air March 5/6. Call 800.977.1863 or email for everything you ever wanted to know about babies but were afraid someone might think you inadequate.And…WHAT IS SCRIPTING AND ROUNDING? Find out…next week.WHAT’S GOING ON WITH OSHA? There is increasing concern as a number of proposed rules that were designed to protect workers’ health and safety have been withdrawn by the Obama administration…What does this mean for you and all workers in this country? Answers to this question and many more are coming up on Nurse Talk.COMING UP this week for our BOSTON listeners—a great encore with a delightful woman named Judith Stark Frost. Judith was a second grade school teacher for over 30 years. She loved teaching her kids how to read but even more than that she loved the humorous things they said. She wrote a very funny book called Priceless Proverbs From the Tongue of the Young. How about these: “A penny saved is…not much” and “He who marries for money…better be nice to his wife.” We all know how funny kids can be without even knowing it!

And later in the show RN Rita Batchley talks about her career as a labor and delivery nurse in a Southern California public sector hospital. Rita has written a book called Labor Pains, an inspirational book for all nurses about authentic power and finding your true purpose. A very interesting perspective on connecting with your “inner nurse,” health care reform and social change.This week in SAN FRANCISCO…the show you were expecting last week…but got men in polyester shorts instead. Some of you may have noticed that from time to time you can’t find us in our usual slot on Green 960 AM San Francisco. Well, it’s only temporary. Seems that basketball is occasionally more pressing than cutting edge health care discussions.

Larry Byrd and Magic Johnson back when the uniforms made basketball more interesting!

But never fear, because this week you WILL hear about Heart Health Month. We will talk about the American Heart Association’s GoRed Campaign with heart health expert Dr. Joanne Dames. Did you know that heart attacks are the leading killer of women? That’s shocking! Don’t miss it!You can listen in the Boston area on station WWZN 1510AM every Saturday at 11 am EST or live stream at and in the San Francisco Bay area Sundays at 2PM PST on Green 960AM or live stream at You can also download and listen anytime at and or on iTunes. Like us on Facebook, and you can listen there too. Remember “laughter is the best medicine!”


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