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Donna Smith and Cameron Harris | Show 308

Casey and Dan rap with Donna Smith about the midterm elections. What now? What later? What is the future of health care reform and what can we do to keep the drum beating for single payer health-care? It looks as if it will happen state by state not on a national level. We at Nurse Talk support health care for all as a right not a privilege.

AND please listen to Whiz Kid Cameron Harris. Cameron has been on Nurse Talk before and he is an amazing guy. When he was 8 he was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. Fast forward 8 years and here he is with his own national podcast show called In Range. Cameron shares tips about how to manage the disease, and not let it manage you. You can find Cameron’s podcast empire at ever happened to Haiti? That’s what we want to know. In the coming weeks we’ll have an update. What happened to the billions of dollars in pledges? The hundreds of thousands of volunteers? Answer: Not sure…but we will find the people who can tell us. Stay tuned.The holidays are coming up…you will be with friends and family…don’t forget to add laughter to the recipes!Be sure to add laughter to your Thanksgiving recipes!

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