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Dr. Connie Mariano, White House Doctor | Show 241

The White House Doctor by Dr. Connie Mariano
The White House Doctor by Dr. Connie Mariano

How often do we get the chance to talk with the former White House Doctor? Well, next week join us for an interview with Dr. Connie Mariano who was nominated to the rank of Rear Admiral by President Bill Clinton and eventually served as the White House Physician for President Clinton and President George W. Bush. She has written a wonderful new book called The White House Doctor, a riveting look into the personal lives of our presidents. Dr Mariano has also achieved an impressive list of “firsts” that include being:

  • the first military woman to become the White House Physician to the President,
  • the first woman Director of the White House Medical Unit, and
  • the first Filipino American in US history to become a Navy Rear Admiral!

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