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Single Payer, Nurse Ratios and Caring for Elders | Show 302

Please tell me I am not the only one who knows and loves Denny Crane! I just needed to hear his voice again so ordered an audio clip of the Denster and everyone in the studio looked at me like I was out of my mind…Help! Is anybody out there willing to defend me?

Karen Higgins, RN

OK on with it. Casey and Dan chat with Boston RN Karen Higgins. Karen is past president of Massachusetts Nurses Association and one of three co-presidents for National Nurses United. Karen shares her views on the continuing need for single payer health care in our country, the urgency regarding nurse-patient ratios and other important issues that affect all of us. It seems the hospitals are looking at more ways to cut staffing (this is in the face of a health care crisis) in preparation for Obama Care kicking in. Is it really Obama Care of is it just one more way to continue to make huge profits on the backs of hard working RNs and health care workers?

Kira Reginato

AND some great advice about taking care of your parents or other elderly loved ones. Kira Reginato joins us. Kira is the president of Living Ideas for Elders and is the host of her own radio show on KSRO, The Elder Care Show in Santa Rosa, California.AND course what would it be without the square needle award, phobia of the week, some crazy calls and emails and Casey and Dan acting up.A big shout out to all of our listeners and across the country!You can listen…to Nurse Talk in the Boston area on station WWZN 1510AM every Saturday at 11 am EST or live stream at and in the San Francisco Bay area Sundays at 2PM PST on Green 960AM or live stream at

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