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The Wisdom of Reflection

He sat on his mother’s lap clinging to her for dear life as he screamed in fear.  The hospital bed seemed to hug them as they sat in the center of it, leaning against the head of the bed that was at a 75 degree angle. […]

An Exercise of Compassion

The ER is in total chaos today. All 23 rooms are full, the behavioral health suite is full, the waiting room is full, and even the hallway is full. Full of sick patients. The nurses are frazzled, working as hard as they can delivering treatments, […]

Global Health Immersion in Guatemala with Tiffany Lai

I am completely inspired and motivated from this medical journey to continually provide the best care for my patients. I am so thankful for the generosity and kindness that One Nurse At A Time has shown me by helping to support my decision to give […]

Faith and Healing

In the process of returning from taking my lunch break and walking through the front of the ER by triage, I spotted one of my daughter’s friends sitting in the waiting area with her father. I went up to them to say hello and noticed […]

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The Art of Nursing and the Science of Medicine – Sue Averill

Last month I traveled with other nurses and doctors to Port Au Prince, Haiti with Project Medishare, working at Bernard Mevs, the only neuro-surgical and trauma facility in the region. Project Medishare’s goal is to train Haitian doctors and nurses and to establish sustainable programs […]

Transpersonal Caring Relationships in Nursing

I walked into room 15 to introduce myself to my new migraine patient and I found her rocking back and forth on the stretcher. Both of her hands were firmly pressed into her forehead and covering her eyes. The chart says my patient is 17 […]

The Heart of a Nurse

Something was said to me on Christmas that has left me pondering just why being a nurse is so wonderful. The comment was, “She is such a smart girl. She shouldn’t be in the nursing program. She should be a doctor.” Well…Hmmmmmmmm. I admire the […]

Vessel of Hope

She came to the ER for complaints of dizziness, intermittent nausea and fatigue x 5 days. She denied vomiting, diarrhea or pain. She told me that she is never sick and that this is “really bothering me because I play field hockey and I have […]

“I am taking this layoff as an opportunity to travel to Peru.”

Emily Sorman, LPN will be traveling to Cusco, Peru with the organization A Broader View. There, she will be working in a small community clinic or hospital providing basic medical care. Most indigenous people, especially the children, lack medial attention. These clinics provide necessary health […]