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“We’re fighting for patient safety…”

“We’re fighting for patient safety, we’re fighting against unsafe staffing. We believe patients deserve better”.  Just a few of the issues for over 6,500 nurses striking this week. Northern California RN Laura Hinerfeld visits with Nurse Talk Radio.

Any way you slice it!

Any way you slice it technology is here to stay. This might surprise you but some nurses, (you know who you are) shy away from using technology. Why? Because, well, they think the computer or the iPhone or iPad or whatever devise–is smarter than they […]

Good for your health…bad for your health….and for our Democracy!

This week –there’s two sides to every coin! On one side is a ‘call to action” to STOP the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership, which is very bad for your health and our Democracy. On the other side is something that is great for your health–PROBIOTICS! […]

NO To Trans Pacific Partnership!

WARNING! No we aren’t alarmists but please take a few minutes and listen to Political Director for National Nurses United, Ken Zinn as he talks about why it is critical to call your elected officials immediately and tell them to vote NO on Fast Tracking […]

Nurses Burnout Rate Is High. Is there a solution?

Why are nurses leading the charge to “Reclaim Chicago”? And statistics show that over 40% of hospital staff nurses experience nurse burnout. Is there a solution? All this and more on Nurse Talk this week.

Nurses Lead “Reclaim Chicago”

With a runoff vote just days away, one Chicago politician figures almost as prominently in the city’s mayoral campaign as do the two candidates themselves, incumbent Rahm Emmanuel and his challenger, Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. RN and Midwest Director for National Nurses United, […]