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Does Acupuncture Help Relieve Chronic Pain?

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years, but only in the past few decades has it gained any real traction in the United States as a legitimate way to treat chronic pain. We talked to acupuncturist and anesthesiologist Donna Mitchell, MD, about how this […]

Five Fool-proof Ways to Make a Workout Fly By

Do you wish that workouts didn’t seem to last forever? You have a lot of company. Believe it or not, research actually shows that people enjoy exercise more than they think they will. There are many physical and mental reasons to exercise on a regular […]

Saffron flower with stigmas

Treating PMS with Saffron

Premenstrual Syndrome is among the most common health problems reported by women, affecting approximately 1 in 3, and there’s not much modern medicine has to offer. Ancient traditional medicine, though, in Asia and Persia used a spice called saffron to treat menstrual disorders. But what […]

Caregiving and Self Care

4 Signs You Need a Break From Caregiving

According to a caregiver serves a home health aide and companion to elderly individuals or those those dealing with chronic illness. Duties may include feeding, dressing and bathing patients, as well as arranges schedule, managing insurance issues and providing transportation.  The National Alliance for Caregiving […]

Want to be a better nurse? Then do some resistance exercises.

Many times people assume that the best way to get fit, lose weight and feel great is through cardiovascular exercise.  Although cardiovascular exercise like walking, biking and running are essential for strengthening your heart and lungs, it’s not the end all be all solution to […]

Four Ways Nurses Can Overcome Health and Fitness Challenges

Nurses have one of the most difficult jobs in our country. Working several hours a day to take care of our ill requires a mental and physical strength that is both inspirational and world changing. However, sometimes this work can be so difficult that it […]

A Fine Kettle of Fluoxetine | Nutrition Facts | Dr. Michael Greger The earlier video I refer to in this one is Prozac Residues in Fish. Researchers have also found evidence of Prozac levels in poultry products. Despite the contaminants, tap water is still likely better than bottled. A better way to avoid unwanted drugs may […]

Coffee Caveats | Nutrition Facts | Dr. Michael Greger

Last month in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, an editorial entitled “Coffee consumption and risk of chronic diseases: changing our views” reviewed the growing evidence that for most people, the benefits of drinking coffee likely outweigh the risks. For example, a recent analysis of […]

You Can Never Count The Stars: Shania & Sydney’s True Story of Help & Hope

This from Mental Health America of Texas. “Shania becomes depressed and has thoughts of suicide after being bullied and going off her medication. She gets help from her sister, Sydney, her mother, counseling and love and help from her family. Her true story emphasizes that […]