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Episode 6: Restructure This! Patient Protection beyond the Bedside

At the bedside, patients count on nurses to safeguard their health, to help them understand their treatment plans and options, and to support them when it becomes necessary to stand up to hospital systems that limit the care they need.  Patients now need nurses more […]

Episode 5: Setting RNs up for Failure: How Corporate Hospitals Target Nurses

As patient advocates, nurses play an important role in keeping hospital systems balanced toward the interests and well-being of patients.  Hospital corporations, as a consequence, often look to eliminate nurses when their plans for hospital restructuring are likely to put patients at risk.

Episode 3: Electronic Health Records Are Competing for Your Job

Guided by incentives provided by the PPACA, most hospitals have increased their use of Electronic Health Records.  However, many of the programs on the market are designed to do much more than simply record patient information.  They are sold to CEOs as a way to […]

Episode 2: Is this a Hospital or a Hotel?

Hospitals nationwide are treating patients more like customers than people in need of high quality healthcare. This episode looks at the consequences for nurses and their patients of turning healthcare into a customer service industry.    

Episode 1: What’s in a Name? Everything

The full name of the law is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Shortening the name to ACA or ObamaCare overlooks the initial impetus of the law: to protect patients.  Whose interests are protected by shortening the name?This episode lays the groundwork for the […]