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I’m Not Scared Anymore

Last night I told Missy why I am so happy. I told her why everything is OK and why I am not scared of Alzheimer’s anymore. One of my good friends died a few weeks ago, they wouldn’t let me go see her. The nursing […]

Brandi Chase, Back in the Hospital

Back in the Hospital Again

Apparently, I have a nasty bacteria (Gram Negative-bacteria) that will kill me if we don’t kill it first. I feel fine, so I think we’re on top of it. It makes me feel great that Sharon, the nurse who spotted my erratic fever on Friday […]

Brandi Chase


Here’s where I am now: I’m tired of waiting to feel better, so I’m doing things anyway. I’m exercising anyway. I’m eating anyway. I’m washing the dishes anyway. Dr. Asch seems to imply that I will and should be feeling better soon, that there is […]

Sunshine | Alzheimer’s in the First Person | Melissa Vaughan

What is your first memory? Have you ever thought about it? I know what mine was…it was of my mom holding me and singing to me. I can even smell her cologne, she has worn the same type of cologne all of my life. She […]

The Kidney Report

DNR | Alzheimer’s in the First Person | Barbara Taylor Vaughan

  I went to the doctor today. Just a checkup. I told him that I wanted to sign papers. Papers about what I want in the end. Sign papers of who my medical voice is, who I want making decisions for me. I told him […]

Flower Remedies | Lymphoblaster | Brandi Chase

Yesterday I spent a little time researching Edward Bach and his Bach Flower Remedies. One of the CNAs (Kishore) recommended I try a few, and of course, subtle as they are I have still noticed a difference in my overall well-being. I’ve always know about Rescue […]

There and Back Again | Lymphoblaster | Brandi Chase

I had a wild experience the other night, after my first dose of the chemotherapy “Dr. Rubicen” (doxorubicin), and being totally, utterly saturated with fluids to the point of a cylindrical shape. It was hard to breathe, laying there. My room filled with shadows. All […]