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Baby Bump. Mom and Dad. Hospitals. Greed. Nurses Pockets.

Shayne: “Well, Casey already this year there is so much going on in the news. Of course all kinds of political issues such as the “fiscal cliff,” the looming debt ceiling, and a range of other hot topics such as—hospitals working overtime to cut staffing and increase profits, storms like we’ve never seen before, world hunger, poverty, melting of the polar ice caps, unemployment and more. BUT the one bit of news that I find most important Casey and I think you will agree—Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy.”

Casey: “Oh Shayne I couldn’t agree with you more. That poor thing has gone through so much, and now this! I’m sure she and papa-to-be, Kanye West, are ecstatic—but this will be such a public 9-months for them. First the paparazzi will be looking to get the best photos of the “baby bump,” and then they may try to catch her on a private beach in her bikini.”

And so starts some advice for Kim and papa Kanye. We didn’t say good advice, but it is advice.

And a visit with RN DeAnn McEwen about a recent press release announcing the California Nurses Association’s new affiliation with the National Union of Healthcare Workers. Find out why and why you should be interested.

RN Deann McEwen last year at a rally  to step up the campaign to extend guaranteed healthcare coverage to all Californians
RN Deann McEwen last year at a rally to step up the campaign to extend guaranteed healthcare coverage to all Californians
Kira Reginato
Kira Reginato

Should you really move in mom and/or dad? What happens if they move in and won’t move out? Well here comes Kira Reginato to save the day. Kira is the host of a popular northern California radio show called “Call Kira about Aging.” Kira is president of Living Ideas For Elders, an eldercare management firm. And boy do we need her advice. With our parents and relatives aging—we are often the ones who step up to take care of their needs. And we don’t always know where to look for the answers. You won’t want to miss what Kira has to say about all of this.

What do nurses find in their pockets? With the help of Scrubs Magazine we find out. It’s not always pretty! A patient’s set of false teeth! Wrapped in a glove! Crazy but true!!!?

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