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Babies, Victory, Asthma, Acid Reflux, and Obamacare.

The Royal Baby and Dixon Has Two Moms…
baby prince
Well, Casey and Shayne are no different than the millions of others who were, well, mildly interested in the birth of the Royal Baby. It’s old news now, but Shayne couldn’t help but wonder how it feels to be born and immediately have money, a job, a title and lots of attention. But all is not lost for Shayne and his family! Here’s a hint from the our show coming up:

“Casey, it must be nice to be born and already have money and a job. No resume, no experience—just a bloodline. On another note our family had some good news at the same time—but of course it wasn’t front-page news.”

Casey: “Oh, what’s that Shayne”?

Shayne: “Casey, on the very same day the Royal Baby was born, my niece in Oklahoma, Karla Sue Mason, had a bouncing baby girl, weighing 10 pounds and 8 ounces.”

Casey: “Does she have a job yet? Maybe she could follow in your footsteps and be a nurse? What did they name her?”

Shayne: “Dixon”

Casey: “Oh that’s a—well, an interesting name. Dixon Mason? Lovely—she could almost join the ranks of Blanket Jackson, North West, and Moon Unit Zappa. Well we wish both babies and their moms and dads well.”

Shayne: “Dixon has two moms. I just wanted to say that. Modern family, Casey, modern family!”



Victory for Nurses in Northern California!
…AND a victory for nurses across the country! nnu

Last week, a federal administrative law judge with the National Labor Relations Board handed nurses a victory, finding Sutter Bay East Hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area engaged in illegal “unfair labor practices” when it unilaterally cut paid sick leave and eliminated all paid healthcare coverage for RNs who work less than 30 hours per week, affecting hundreds of nurses and their families.

The judge ordered the hospital chain to “rescind its unilateral changes and…make whole employees for any losses they have suffered…plus interest.” Sutter had maintained it projected expenses related to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, but would not “show their homework” to the judge. Why? Because there was no certainty or reason for their projected increases. Joanne Jung, spokeswoman for the California Nurses Association / National Nurses United, joins us to discuss the topic. To read more on this victory visit


Is it Asthma or Acid Reflux?

Dr. Jamie Koufman tells it like it is and you should listen!

Did you know 35 MILLION AMERICANS NOW HAVE ASTHMA? HOW MANY REALLY HAVE ACID REFLUX?  Dr. Koufman says that “silent reflux” is often the actual cause of many upper respiratory disorders leading to frequent misdiagnosis. This is a growing problem and we need as much good information as we can find.



Comment from listener – about Affordable Care Act

Donna Smith
Donna Smith

Donna Smith, Executive Director for Healthcare for all Colorado and Nurse Talk Affordable Care Act panelist, responds to a listener comment.

Try as we might, our intention to provide “transpartisan” information about the Affordable Care Act is already proving to be a challenge. BUT it’s great to engage in the conversation. Casey and Shayne received a comment from a listener about the following: ” The Affordable Care Act is here to stay so we may as well know the facts.” Our listener objected to that statement because he says “it is not here to stay.” Donna Smith responds…


And of course email questions – How can you do a breast exam if you have implants? Also, lastly, don’t miss “In My Day” with Lynn Ruth Miller and Health Trivia.

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