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Author: National Nurses United

Global Day of Action by Nurses, Healthcare Workers in 13 Countries

Big Actions Across World Highlight Global Day of Action by Nurses, Healthcare Workers in 13 Countries United in Call for End to Austerity, Healthcare Cuts, and a Robin Hood Tax  Major nurse and healthcare union organizations marched, rallied, and held other actions in 13 countries […]

RN Donna Kelly Williams on Safe Nurse-Patient Ratios

Massachusetts Nurses Take “Safe Staffing” to the People! Massachusetts Nurses Association President, Donna Kelly Williams RN talks about a newly sponsored ballot measure campaign to fight for patient safety and protection. As most of you who listen to our show already know, the national fight […]

Let’s Talk About Healthcare, and I Don’t Mean the ACA.

Let’s talk about healthcare. I don’t mean debating the Affordable Care Act. I mean health care, as in: If everyone needs health care, guarantee that everybody gets it. I know, when it comes to healthcare, it’s easy to get into a debate for or against […]

Certificate Program in Women’s Global Health SCHOLARSHIPS.

As part of the Certificate Program in Women’s Global Health, we are pleased to announce the fall 2013 courses: Global Women’s Health Movements and Impacts of Economic Inequality on Women’s Health, co-sponsored by National Nurses United and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Global […]

Retired RN Kay McVay Honored with 2013 “RAGE for JUSTICE” Award

Kay McVay makes the 2013 Consumer Advocate Hall of Fame Says advocacy group: Kay McVay worked as a registered nurse in critical care for nearly four decades before retiring in 1995. She is a tenacious and effective champion of patients’ rights who was elected and served as […]

Global Nurses United is Born

With aim to Step Up Fight against Austerity, Privatization, Attacks on Public Health and Work for Safe Nurse Staffing Ratios and Improved Patient Care for All SAN FRANCISCO – Leaders of the premiere nurses and health care workers unions in 14 nations in the Americas, […]

There is No Other Planet We Can Go To.

“Of all the unions I’m talking to, nobody has a better global vision than nurses,” Brown said to big applause. “If you can link your immediate occupational objectives with the larger sense of what we need to do as human beings, you become a very […]

7 Ways the Affordable Care Act May Shift Costs to Patients

The burden of cutting costs is on patients, not corporate healthcare profiteering. by Karen Higgins, National Nurses United With the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act near, it’s time to ask if the decision to put the burden of […]