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Author: Matthew Bukirin

Want to be a better nurse? Then do some resistance exercises.

Many times people assume that the best way to get fit, lose weight and feel great is through cardiovascular exercise.  Although cardiovascular exercise like walking, biking and running are essential for strengthening your heart and lungs, it’s not the end all be all solution to […]

3 Great Squat Exercises for Nurses

The squat exercise may be the most powerful and effective exercise for nurses.  Not only does it build significant core and lower back strength, but it helps build on some of the largest muscles in your body: the glutes in your buttocks, your hamstrings, and […]

Four Ways Nurses Can Overcome Health and Fitness Challenges

Nurses have one of the most difficult jobs in our country. Working several hours a day to take care of our ill requires a mental and physical strength that is both inspirational and world changing. However, sometimes this work can be so difficult that it […]