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Author: California Nurses Association

California Nurses Praise RN-to-Patient Ratios

California Nurses know that higher RN to patient ratios make a difference for their patients and for their practice. These nurses encourage RNs across the country to fight for ratios in their state, and support efforts to pass national ratio legislation.

Nurses and Teachers Fight Wealthy Opposition to Proposition 30

For California’s Future: Vote YES on Proposition 30! California nurses, teachers, and responsible business individuals paid a visit to the posh St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco to shine a spotlight on the secretive wealthy donors who are bankrolling the campaign to defeat Proposition […]

Are nonprofit hospitals scamming patients and communities?

Many private nonprofit California hospitals, especially those that are part of big corporate chains like Sutter and Kaiser Permanente appear to be exploiting their tax-exempt status by accumulating huge profits, and handing top execs massive pay packages while providing scant charity care in return. That’s […]

Everybody In, Nobody Out: The Campaign for a Healthy California

Across the country and throughout California, people are being denied healthcare. People have lost their homes, their retirement, even their lives due to healthcare costs and lack of care. Now Californians are saying enough is enough. Some people thought the Affordable Care Act, also known […]

Kaiser RNs One-Day Sympathy Strike to Support Other Kaiser Caregivers Today

Rallies Tuesday, 12 Noon, Kaiser Oakland, Kaiser South Sacramento OAKLAND—Registered nurses and nurse practitioners at Kaiser Permanente hospitals and clinics across Northern and Central California will honor the picket lines Tuesday in sympathy and solidarity with other frontline Kaiser staff who will hold a one-day […]

Medicare for All | California Health Care Justice Tour

The Vermont legislature has pioneered a bill creating a path for a universal, publicly funded healthcare system. James Haslam from the Vermont Workers’ Center is coming to California to share their story and inspire Californians to do the same. Donna Smith, featured in the movie […]