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Anna Deavere Smith Nails it with One-Woman Play, “Tell Us Where it Hurts”

Anna Deavere Smith
Anna Deavere Smith

It has been said that Smith created a new form of theater with her last one-woman show called Let Me Down Easy, a play to give voice to questions of life and death, sickness and healthcare.

When granted the prestigious MacArthur Award, her work was described as “a blend of theatrical art, social commentary, journalism and intimate reverie.” She has performed in film and TV as well as on stage. She currently plays Gloria Akalitus on Showtime’s hit series Nurse Jackie. She’s probably most recognizable in popular culture as Nancy McNally, national security advisor on NBC’s former hit The West Wing.

Her newest show, Tell Us Where It Hurts, debuted in Chicago at the National Nurses United Staff Nurse Assembly last week to raves.

“Tell Us is one of the most relevant current theatrical pieces and will hopefully be taken on the road across the country…Revealed in the dialog of the show is the courage of nurses in face of a system which places barriers on their ability to heal.”
–Kevin O’Donnell
Member of the American Theater Critics Association; New York Times Company Foundation-sponsored critic fellow

Smith listened and tells your stories nurses. Keep your eye out for this one in a theatre near you.

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